The Three C’s of Recruitment

When it comes to recruitment, It is essential for recruiters and hiring managers to use a combination of different evaluation methods, such as interviews & assessments, reference checks & testimonials and portfolio reviews, to gather a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s potential fit for the position.

There are various frameworks and concepts that recruiters can follow. One popular framework is the “Three C’s of Recruitment,” which focuses on three key factors when evaluating potential candidates: Capability, Chemistry, and Competence.


This refers to a candidate’s ability to perform the job duties effectively. It includes assessing their skills, knowledge, experience, and qualifications related to the role. Recruiters look for candidates who have the necessary capabilities to excel in the position.


Chemistry relates to the candidate’s compatibility with the company culture and team dynamics. It involves considering their values, interpersonal skills, and ability to fit in with the existing team members. Hiring individuals who align with the company’s values and can collaborate well with others is crucial for a harmonious work environment.


Competence refers to a candidate’s overall job performance and their ability to meet the expectations and requirements of the role. It encompasses their technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability. Employers seek candidates who demonstrate a high level of competence in their field.

These three factors help recruiters assess the suitability of candidates and make informed hiring decisions and play a crucial role in the success of the recruitment process. By considering capability, chemistry, and competence, employers aim to find individuals who not only have the necessary skills but also align with the company’s values and can contribute positively to the team and overall Company success.

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