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Counter offers

It’s now reality, you have actually done what you have been thinking about doing for a while now. You’re leaving your current employer.

You’ve handed in your notice and within hours they have already presented you with an attractive pay rise. The next hurdle to overcome is to polity decline this offer and not “get caught up in the moment”. Statistics show a large percentage of people who accept a counter offer will leave within side the next 12 months, leaving you to start the whole recruitment process again.

Here’s are several reasons why accepting a counter offer is a big mistake:

  • The real underlining issues haven’t disappeared –The reasons you want to leave are still there. Nothing else is likely to change other than your pay.
  • 90% of people who accept counter offers leave/let go within a year. You’re delaying the inevitable.
  • Your commitment going forward will always be questioned – your loyalty to the company is likely to result in a loss of trust and respect from your manager, which could make things worse in the future.
  • Job security – now you’ve shown willingness to leave, you will no doubt be the first on the list when redundancies/cutbacks happen.
  • The value you once had with your employer/boss has gone. Ask yourself the question, why has it taken them so long to offer you more money and why has it come to this for it to happen? Because its easier and cheaper for them to offer you more money than having to recruit and potential pay an agency fee on top.
  • Burning bridges – its very unprofessional to going back to your prospective employer having just accepted their offer to then decline the offer shortly after. Believe it or not but the market you operate in is a small one and the last thing you want to do is burn any bridges.

So do not accept counter offers

Accepting the wrong proposal could cost you money, time and your career

Now you know why not to accept a counter offer, if you need further advice how to handle a counter offer then please call Surrey consultants on 01276 300 700 or London consultants on 0203 778 1300. One of our experienced consultants will be on hand to guide you through each possible outcome.

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