Test Analyst

The Role

  • As part of the new Testing function team, you will be the Test Analyst for the enterprise application estate and play a pivotal role in the largest ever investment programme, ensuring the deployment of a cloud-based SaaS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system across the Sales, Service, Order Management, Finance, and Operations (including Supply Chain, Warehousing, and Logistics) functions is appropriately tested.
  • You will ensure, as part of the DX program, that software applications are thoroughly tested and meet the required standards before release. Your tasks and responsibilities will encompass various phases of the software development lifecycle, facilitating the transition to a new ERP platform.
  • Reporting to the Test Lead, you will leverage your strong background in ERP solutions to expertly conduct end-to-end ERP system testing. You will be proficient in documenting test artefacts, test data, scripts, and trackers.
  • You will understand the relevant processes across our in-scope business areas and systems, assisting the Test Lead in developing successful test framework across both business and IT teams.
  • You will collaborate with various business units to provide training and guidance to subject matter experts on establishing repeatable testing processes, as well as creating, executing and tracking test scripts.
  • You will work with the Test Lead to evaluate testing requirements, offering suitable recommendations and guidance on planning, executing, and tracking test results.
  • Additionally, you will ensure that testing activities comply with relevant regulatory, legal, and compliance standards.
  • You will be responsible for identifying, reporting, and documenting defects, collaborating with users and working with stakeholders to enhance test scenarios/scripts to resolve issues.
  • You will ensure a thorough understanding of the ERP business and testing plan, to fully meet business needs, ensuring consistency and compliance across all functions.

Additionally, you will need to understand the integration flows between different systems, their impacts and approaches for testing.

You will be responsible for providing testing capabilities across various systems within our technology estate including (for example) ERP, CRM, Digital and Web applications.



Attention to Detail – Meticulously examine requirements, specifications and test cases. Identify subtle issues or inconsistencies that others might overlook.

Analytical & Critical thinking – Break down complex problems into manageable parts.  Develop logical and structured approaches to testing and problem-solving.  Evaluate the impact of defects and the effectiveness of testing.

Effective communication – Clearly articulate findings, issues, and recommendations to stakeholders.  Able to engage in discussions between technical and non-technical team members.

Collaboration – Work well within a team, share knowledge and support colleagues.  Engage with team and stakeholders to clarify requirements and resolve issues.

Adaptability – Adjust to changing requirements, technologies, and project timelines. Learn new tools and techniques as needed to stay effective.

Integrity and Accountability – Take responsibility for the quality of work produced. Flag issues quickly and transparently to build trust within the team.

Time management – Efficiently manage time to meet project deadlines without compromising on quality. Balance thorough testing with the need for timely delivery.



  • Requirement Analysis – Review and analyse business requirements, functional specifications, and technical documentation to understand the scope of testing.
  • Identify any ambiguities, gaps, or inconsistencies in the requirements to take us to the “to be” D365 and associated platforms.
  • Test Case Design and Development – Work with the Portfolio, IT and Business teams to create detailed, comprehensive and well-structured test cases and test scripts based on the requirements and specifications.
  • Test Data Preparation – Identify and create the necessary test data for executing test cases. Ensure that test data covers all possible scenarios, including normal, boundary, and error conditions. Collaborate with IT Department, Portfolio Delivery
  • Team and business functions to agree datasets required and delivery schedules for testing activities.
  • Test Execution – Execute test cases manually or using automated testing tools where appropriate. Record and document test results, including any deviations from expected outcomes. Perform regression testing to ensure that new code changes do not adversely affect existing functionalities. Re-test resolved defects to verify the effectiveness of fixes, perform integration and performance testing.
  • Defect Logging and tracking – Identify, log, and classify defects found during testing. Use defect tracking tools (eg: DevOps) to manage and track the status of reported defects to resolution.
  • Test Reporting – Prepare and present detailed test reports that summarize testing activities, results, and key metrics. Highlight any critical issues or risks that need to be addressed before release.
  • Quality Assurance – Ensure that testing processes adhere to established quality standards and best practices. Participate in peer reviews of test cases, test scripts, and other testing artifacts.
  • User acceptance Testing (UAT) Support – Where system applications will be developed by third parties, you will assist in planning and executing user acceptance testing (UAT). You will provide support and guidance to end-users during the UAT phase and help coordinate test iterations and defect management.
  • Continuous Improvement – Ensure continual improvement in all aspects of the role. Identify areas for improvement in the testing process and suggest enhancements. Stay updated with the latest industry trends, tools, and technologies in software testing.
  • Documentation – Maintain comprehensive documentation of test plans, test cases, test results, and defect reports. Ensure that all testing artifacts are well-organized and easily accessible for future reference.



  • Collaboration – Collaborate within the team, wider business and third parties, build and maintain strong relations with key stakeholders across all areas. Work closely with stakeholders to clarify requirements and resolve issues. Support fellow team members at all times, focusing on the success of the business.
  • Communication – Participate in regular meetings to provide updates on testing progress, issues, and risks. Communicate with all staff and 3rd parties in a clear, concise and professional manner at all times. Actively listen and provide feedback in a constructive manner.
  • Character – Uphold ethical standards, honesty, and integrity in all professional interactions. Act responsibly and demonstrate reliability and trustworthiness in the workplace.
  • Commitment – Show dedication and responsibility towards your role and organisational objectives. Maintain a positive attitude and going the extra mile to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality work to ensure successful transition of data from legacy systems to D365 ERP and related platforms.
  • Competence – Demonstrate the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities to perform role effectively. Continuously seek opportunities for professional development and improvement. Identify training requirements required to fulfil your role. Demonstrate great time-management skills, ensuring that the appropriate responses are made in a timely fashion to requests / instructions from management, the business or the SRI Group.
  • Creativity – Bring innovative ideas and solutions to the table. Think outside the box to improve processes and solve problems. Mentor/coach users on technical matters to develop understanding where appropriate.
  • Consistency – Deliver reliable and high-quality work consistently. Maintain a steady performance level and adhere to company standards and policies.

Internal Control

  • Take ownership of all testing activities, documentation, and testing requirements for every element of the ERP platform. Promote good testing design, data hygiene, process mapping, and GDPR practices.
  • Assist in establishing repeatable test processes to validate tests for success, quality, and accuracy.
  • Assess Internal Controls and implement remediation for significant control deficiencies for the areas of responsibility.
  • Ensure documentation of policies and procedures required to support all aspects of testing are maintained up to date.
  • Maintain the company’s records to ensure compliance with the Group’s J-Sox CLC, FRCLC and PLC requirements.
  • Ensure relevant policies and procedures are followed to enable compliance with all laws and regulations applicable to the aspects of responsibility under the control of this role.
  • Co-ordinate and support of internal and external audit activities as required.

Operational Excellence 

  • Continually demonstrate professionalism across all areas of the role, as well as interaction with the business and third parties.
  • Ensure continual improvement in all aspects of the role.
  • Ensure that all company administrative procedures are adhered to.
  • Great time-management skills, ensuring that the appropriate responses are made in a timely fashion to requests / instructions from management, the business or the SRI Group.
  • Inform management immediately if you become aware of anything suspicious, unusual, or contradictory to normal company process.


Knowledge, Skills & Experience


  • Test Analyst with a minimum of 5 years’ experience, preferably within an ERP environment.
  • Experienced Test Analyst with a comprehensive understanding of the testing lifecycle, diverse methodologies, various testing approaches, industry-standard tools, and a wide range of testing techniques.
  • Demonstrated expertise in creating, building, and running effective test plans and test cases.
  • Excels at translating business process knowledge and requirements into well-defined test cases, ensuring alignment with desired result.
  • Keen attention to detail to ensure testing is successful and ensure accurate identification and reporting of defects.
  • Experience working within DevOps environments alongside strong problem-solving, critical thinking, and debugging skills.
  • Experience in end-to-end testing including multiple applications, technologies, and integrations.
  • Defect Management.
  • Ability to learn quickly and proficient in problem solving, critical thinking, and debugging.
  • Able to work independently and liaise with the wider team as and when required.
  • Have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and can effectively convey complex technical and business concepts to stakeholders at all levels.
  • Thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment and can adapt to changing priorities, whilst maintaining focus on the big picture in terms of strategic goals / timescales.
  • You are a proactive decision-maker, unafraid to take calculated risks to drive the product forward. You ensure that innovation, execution, and business value are well balanced.



  • Experience with MS D365 F&O, HR or CE.
  • Automated Test Management tools/processes.
  • ISEB/ISTQB certification.
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